Thread Light
Prototype developed for Launchpad

The shades of this lamp attach to an ordinary steel threaded rod that allows height and direction of light to be adjusted with unambiguous function. It’s simple in construction and can be quickly and easily assembled on site and adapted to work in any space. An additional threaded sleeve cast into the concrete base caters for two lengths of threaded rod that can be screwed in to suit.


The Ladybird
Bath and vanity unit concept

A compact solution for a freestanding vanity and bath unit, aimed at apartment and loft style living where space is at a premium. The vanity or ‘lid’ of the Ladybird removes to reveal a tub within.




The Mantis Lamp
Floor lamp

A timeless design inspired by nature. Mantis incorporates materials which are 100% recyclable; copper, glass and bamboo. The design is pared back and orienting the direction of light is made simple through the use of a pivoting pin attached to the vertical.